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Vice Presidents of the WACP, College officials, Fellow Fellows, and Members, I thank you all for participating in this extraordinary 44th and 45th AGSM of our College. Extraordinary in the fact that this is the very first virtual AGSM of our College and you will all agree that it has exceeded our expectations and kudos to the Gambian Chapter and in particular Dr. Uduak Okomo who led this venture.

This is just one example of the ways College has adapted to the unusual circumstances brought about by the covid 19 epidemic. Online meetings, virtual update courses, and even virtual examinations have been adopted with the result that College activities have continued with little disruption.

Innovations such as the Computer based Testing have been implemented and College is striving to open more clinical examination centres for the ease of examiners and candidates alike. To this end, more examiners are being trained and certified.

We aim to complete our building in Abuja within the next two years. This will bring in much needed revenue to College and reduce our dependency on Examination fees and college dues. This is why we must all endeavour to contribute to the Building Fund.  This should be our legacy to this great College and I implore each and everyone to make their contributions as soon as possible.

The College must grow and we must look at creative ways to bring in suitable colleagues outside the subregion to enrich our faculties. Well established Colleges like the Royal Colleges are already doing this and so must we.  Not doing this is not an option as we must harness the skills of our colleagues abroad to strengthen our training programmes and we must compensate for the accelerated attrition of Fellows in the subregion and the reduction of new recruits to the College.

We are presently looking at our Constitution and trying to amend it to suit prevailing circumstances. A committee headed by Dr. Olufemi Ogunbiyi is already working on this and hope a draft will be available soon.  Chapters, Faculties, and Committees are encouraged to submit changes they would like to the Committee as soon as possible.

 Great improvements in the administration of the College secretariat have been made with the recruitment of more qualified staff and annual staff appraisal is now in place. We now have a bilingual human resource officer, a full-time IT officer, and an internal auditor.

Finally, I urge our Francophone colleagues to continue to support the College and participate in College programs. This College is truly West African and cannot be regarded as successful until Anglophone, Francophone, and Lusophone countries are fully engaged.

I thank you all for your attention.