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Instructions and Notices

To register for examinations on this online portal, you need to have scanned and saved some or all the following documents where applicable:

  1. Primary Fellowship Examinations– Candidates applying to sit for the Primary Fellowship Examinations must:
    • Be medical practitioners
    • Have the certificate of FULL registration with the Medical Council of the country (for Primary candidates alone)
    • Have a photocopy of the MBBS Certificate (primary candidates only)
    • Register and pay ONLINE via wacpcoam.org where; your passport photographs, degree certificates, and evidence of full registration with Medical and Dental Councils of their countries will be uploaded
    • Print the certification page from the website to be endorsed by their Supervising Consultants or HODs and UPLOAD the signed certification page along with other required documents
    • Carefully read and fill in appropriate fields accordingly as any error may lead to the candidate’s disqualification
  2. Membership Examinations – Candidates applying to sit for Membership Examinations must:
    • Register and pay ONLINE via  wacpcoam.org where required documents are to be uploaded
    • Fill out the Membership and Fellowship Application Form (FORM C.) and endorsed by the candidate, HOD, and Fellows accordingly and upload the signed Form C page along with other required documents online
    • Have registered for Physician in-training immediately on passing Primary and on entering into a training program in an accredited institution
    • Have passed the Primary exams or Exempted from Primary exams and subsequently satisfactorily completed residency training in an ACCREDITED INSTITUTION as PRESCRIBED by the CANDIDATE’S FACULTY.
    • Upload relevant Update and Revision course certificates.
    • Candidates are advised to upload SCANNED ELECTRONIC COPIES OF THEIR SIGNED AND COMPLETED LOGBOOKS to wacplogbook@gmail.com and AUTOPSY BOOKS (LAB. MED.) to autopsy@wacpcoam.org all in pdf
    • Upload evidence of training since passing Primary Examinations via Copy of the Certificate of training (Form C)
  3. Fellowship ExaminationsCandidates applying for Fellowship Exams must:
    • Register and pay ONLINE via wac-physicians.org where required documents are to be uploaded in PDF
    • Fill out Form C and upload
    • Have passed the Membership Examination of WACP
    • Have satisfactorily completed the appropriate years of training in an accredited institution and Upload Evidence of training since passing Membership Examinations via Copy of the Certificate of training (Form C)
    • Candidates are advised to upload SCANNED ELECTRONIC COPIES OF THEIR SIGNED AND COMPLETED LOGBOOKS to wacplogbook@gmail.com
    • Send a mandatory E-Copy (MsWord) of the Dissertation, approved the proposal, and casebook stating name and faculty to dissertations@wacpcoam.org and autopsy book to autopsy@wacpcoam.org. Your email SUBJECT and attached documents should be stated and saved as Faculty – SURNAME other-name. E.g. Paediatrics – Dr. JOHN Bello.
    • Upload evidence of attendance of the Methodology Course as well as evidence of Fellowship/subspecialty registration during the online process
    • Provide a Certificate of evidence of attendance of College Fellowship/Sub-Specialty Revision course
  4. Evidence of payment of Membership Fees N270,000.00 (College Online Payment) via wacpcoam.org
  5. Evidence of payment of Annual dues for Members N80,000.00 or $80, via Nigeria Chapter Website wacpng.org
  6. This online form, when fully completed, must be submitted immediately and confirmed successfully. Print out a copy of the receipt and keep it as your proof of payment. Register as early as possible but not later than the advertised closing date. 
  7. Evidence of attendance of College Revision/Update/Ethic Courses, NOT ANTICIPATED ATTENDANCE, must be submitted along with the application form.
  8. The original should be brought to the examination hall.  It is optional for all Laboratory Medicine Membership candidates to use a personal microscope as may be required.
  9. Submitting altered, falsified, or incomplete documents to the West African College of Physicians may be a sufficient cause for the College to ban you from an examination, to terminate your participation in an examination, to withhold and /or invalidate the results of an examination, to withhold the award of the Fellowship of the College, to withhold a certificate, to revoke a certificate, or take other appropriation action. The WACP will report findings of irregular behavior to the Medical and Dental Council of the Country where the candidate practices, to other Postgraduate medical colleges in the West African region, and to any other organization or individual who, in the judgment of the WACP, has a legitimate interest in such information.
  10. Code of conduct including dress code for the candidates shall be strictly enforced. The College has a zero-tolerance policy for examination malpractices.
  11. Cases of change of examination center after submission of application forms shall no longer be entertained.
  12. Cases of request for change of faculty after submission of application form shall not be entertained.
  13. Deferment of the examination after submission of Forms OR Application for refund is no longer acceptable.
  14.  Examination scripts are the property of the College and shall normally be destroyed two years after the examination.
  15. Candidates may not be admitted to the examination more than 30 minutes after the scheduled time for commencement of the examination, except at the discretion of the Senior Invigilator and only if the Senior Invigilator is satisfied that there is a good reason for the lateness of the candidate
  16. Candidates should not leave the examination before the end of the Examination except where the Senior Invigilator is satisfied that there is a just cause, (health reasons.
  17. In cases where a candidate wishes to leave the examination venue temporarily, this shall be allowed only if the Senior Invigilator is satisfied that there is a just cause. In such an instance, an Invigilator will accompany the candidate.
  18. Once the examination has started, there shall be no communication of any kind between candidates or between candidates and any other person except invigilators.NOTES:       It is the duty and responsibility of the candidate/trainee to acquaint himself/herself with the current rules on the type, duration, and minimum number of rotations required before admission into any part of the Fellowship examinations in his/her specialty.Where a candidate/trainee trains in more than one institution, a certificate of training must be obtained from each Institution.
    Photocopies of certificates previously submitted to the College may be appended to the newly obtained certificate(s). 
  20. No refund will be entertained for NON-ATTENDANCE at the examination.

Note: For Membership examinations in all faculties of the West African College of Physicians, only candidates who have performed satisfactorily in the CBT Exams would be allowed to proceed with the rest of the examinations. Results will be hosted on the website.


Candidates sitting for any examination of the West African College of Physicians are Doctors who aspire to be fellows of the College (this is presumed Ab initio).
Having sworn to the Hippocratic Oath, it is expected that they comport themselves to the highest standards of behavior and ethics.

This code has been considered necessary to guide candidates as it is understood that they are under some extra stress in the preparation and attendance at the examinations.

Candidates are expected to arrive at the venue for each examination (theory, practical, and oral) at least fifteen minutes before the commencement of the exam. This is to enable them to identify the exact location at which they will be taking the exam and complete the necessary formalities so the examination will start on time. No candidate shall be admitted after the first half-hour of the examination.

As doctors, especially those coming to take professional exams, candidates should be formally dressed AT EVERY part of the examinations. Where the ambient conditions are inclement, men are allowed to be without jackets but should ordinarily be in shirts and ties and wear proper shoes. Women are expected to wear formal blouses and skirts, long gowns, or trouser suits.  Candidates not properly dressed will not be allowed to sit for the examination.

Candidates should not communicate while in the examination halls, wards, or laboratories as the case may be. However, they can communicate with invigilators and examiners as briefly as possible to resolve unclear issues OR as indicated by the form of examination being taken.

No candidate may leave the examination hall during the first half-hour of an examination except under special circumstances and should be accompanied by a designated official. No question paper shall be removed from the hall before the first half-hour of the examination has elapsed.