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Strategic Plan


Dear Members, Fellows, Partners, and Stakeholders, It is with great pride and a sense of purpose that I present to you the Strategic Plan of the West African College of Physicians for the period 2024-2028. This document signifies our commitment to advancing medical education, research, and healthcare delivery within the West African region and beyond. As we navigate a complex and evolving healthcare landscape, the importance of a well-defined strategic roadmap cannot be overstated. Our strategic plan revolves around eight core thematic areas, each meticulously crafted to drive our mission forward:

We will deepen our organization through:

i. Governance: Strengthening Institutional Capacity and Operational Efficiency: Enhancing our internal governance structures, streamlining processes, and optimizing resource utilization to reinforce the foundation upon which our institution stands.

ii. Strengthening Financial Capacity of the College: Ensuring our long-term financial sustainability, enabling us to fulfill our mission and vision effectively.

iii. Membership & Fellowship Support and Engagement: Providing unwavering support to our members, fostering their engagement, and nurturinga culture of collaboration and mentorship.

We will widen the scope of our reach through:

iv. Training, Skills, and Continuing Education: Evolving our educational programs to equip our members with the latest skills and knowledge, ensuring they remain at the forefront of medical training.

v. Research and Grantsmanship: Elevating our research capabilities and securing grants for transformative projects that address regional healthcare challenges.

vi. High Reliability Systems: Championing high reliability in healthcare systems, ensuring patient safety and the delivery of quality care across the sub-region.

vii. Addressing Brain Drain in the West African Sub-Region: Developing strategies to retain our talented healthcare professionals within the region and attract the diaspora back home, fostering a thriving healthcare community.

viii. Synergy, Partnership, and Global Visibility: Building bridges with like-minded institutions, amplifying our global presence, and engaging in impactful international collaborations to extend our influence and impact.

Our approach is built upon collaboration, innovation, and adaptability. We aspire to nurture an environment where knowledge thrives, partnerships flourish, and our collective endeavors impact the health and well-being of communities across West Africa.
I express my heartfelt gratitude to every Fellow, Member, Partner, and Stakeholder who has contributed to shaping this strategic plan. Your insights, dedication, and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in this process.
Together, let us embark on this transformative journey, as we strive to elevate the West African College of Physicians to greater heights, realizing our vision of being the beacon of medical excellence in our region and beyond.
Yours in service to humanity,

Rose Jallah Macauley


– a truly West African organisation of medical specialists that is a leading voice in postgraduate medical education in West Africa, able to provide and support high-quality training of doctors from graduation through specialty training and continuing professional development to international standards.

MISSION OF THE COLLEGE – to improve the health of West Africans through excellence in the training of medical specialists and the provision of high-quality health care and high-quality research into health promotion and health care.